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What is Fast Track colonoscopy?

Fast track colonoscopy or Open Access Colonoscopy is a colonoscopy procedure that does not require the patient to have an office visit with their gastroenterologist prior to their procedure. The exchange of all needed pre-procedural information is done online or over the phone. This saves the patient both the time and the expense of an office visit.

How do I know if I am eligible for fast track colonoscopy?

This is a convenient, suitable option for those who are generally healthy or may have minor health conditions that do not place them at higher risk for complications or adverse events during or after the procedure. This program is not intended for patients who have serious symptoms that might need to be discussed in detail prior to a colonoscopy.

The main criteria to qualify for open access colonoscopy are:

  • Be between the ages of 45 and 75
  • No heart conditions
  • No lung or breathing related issues (e.g. asthma COPD, etc.)
  • Not taking any chronic blood thinning medications other than aspirin
  • No sleeping disorders (e.g. sleep apnea)
  • Body mass index should be within a defined range (generally less than 40)
  • No prior complications with anesthesia or surgeries.

What If a Patient wants a consultation prior to the procedure?

An Fast Track colonoscopy program is simply a convenience that many patients find helpful when they don’t have any GI symptoms and simply wish to have age appropriate screening for colon cancer.

We will never rush you to make any decision regarding your medical care. If you have any questions or concerns that are not fully addressed prior to your procedure, or if you would feel more comfortable or confident speaking to the Dr. Siddique, feel free to request a consultation.

If you want to be scheduled for a Fast Track Colonoscopy Appointment, please fill out our secure online questionnaire.

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