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Amy is the lead medical assistant at CSG, having been here with us when we first opened our doors. Amy is a graduate of the Texas Health School and has a nurse assistant certificate and is a certified medical assistant. She has a wide array of experience working in healthcare for over 7 years. She is bilingual, being fluent in Spanish.

Amy is a happy, shy person, likes to travel and spend time with her family and friends.


Designation: Medical Assistant

Experience: 7+ Year


Elizabeth Rodriguez

Designation :Medical Assistant

Experience :3+ years


Elizabeth Rodriguez aka Eli graduated as a medical assistant from The College of Healthcare Professions in 2018. Eli loves to help others and is constantly looking to improve her knowledge and skill set. She is compassionate, honest and hard working. Eli is bilingual, being fluent in Spanish.

Eli enjoys the outdoors and spending quality time with her family

Calm, collected and supremely polite, Annette Perez is the billing co-coordinator at CSG.  She has a total of 17 years in the medical field focusing on administrative duties and billing. Despite a busy family life raising her 4 children with her husband, Annette managed to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration in 2017. She hopes her achievements will inspire her children to greater heights. Her career goals include providing the best patient care within the scope of her duties and to obtain her certification in medical billing and coding. 

She enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family.

Annette Perez

Designation: Billing Co-ordinator

Experience: 17+ Years